Against Censorship

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The Internet Giants like Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest & Google are censoring, removing or restricting viewing of our content we post.


Website traffic is being restricted. Information access is being pulled from the public.


Organic Rankings are being pulled. All because content doesn't adhear to the view of the internet giants!


Information we share is being shutdown and removed from the view of our followers.


Proven Scientific data, biological fact, etc are being labeled as fake news. Doctors & scientist are being called quacks because their research doesn't line up with the internet giant's views!

What Are we to do?

Let's Join Together to stop this!  The CAC has an idea. Scroll down for more!!!

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Okay, I don't think we will break the internet but some of our messages have to get out! Watch this video here and then sign up for more info by Click the Button Below!

I Want to Help With This Cause!